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Welcome to The Capable Classroom™

Designed by therapists and tested by oodles of kids, our products focus on this integrative approach from three different angles:

1.  Pre-referral intervention strategies.  PTS’ classroom initiatives will change the way teachers make referrals. Some students don’t need therapy, but they do need support. Our RtII modules for handwriting, sensory and speech issues provide students and teachers with the help they need and when they need it. There’s no waiting involved!

2. Role release and carryover.  Progress happens when students are in an environment that allows them to practice the skills they’re working on all throughout their day.  Having The Capable Classroom products available during center time, indoor recess, and small group instruction facilitates the carryover in a natural and organic way.

3. Graduation from therapy! That’s the goal, right?  When students are ready to take that next step, they’ll still have access to therapeutic activities and strategies that support their classroom performance.

Check out what an Instructional Support Teacher in Chester County emailed to all 1st grade teachers and the principal about our Pencil Power program!

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The Capable Classroom™ is all about integration through the creation of therapeutic environments that will benefit all students!